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Who are we?

LB-Tech, from the Lynn-Bichler Group, has been in the business for 32 years and specializes in recruiting and managing employees in the fields of technology and hi-tech, and employing them for the necessary periods of time, depending on the specific project.

The company integrates advance methodologies with experienced, skilled and professional employees, and brings broad knowledge in the Hi-Tech and technological world

Why LB-Tech?

LB-Tech has experience in recruiting and employing workers for projects in the fields of technology and hi-tech.

The company offers its customers a comprehensive and up-to-date array of employees from the worlds of technology and development, software testing, infrastructure and more. With a broad business outlook and a deep understanding of technology, the group’s experts have the ability to provide its customers with a range of innovative services and solutions and to respond to any need, while providing professional and personal guidance.

Introducing LB-Tech’s “Safe Employment” model

LB-Tech promises to cover all the costs of all our employees incurred through the employer-employee relationship.

Our team is made up of professional accountants. We promise that at every stage the employees will be treated professionally and in accordance with the law.

LB-Tech’s recruitment of employees for the customer will be done with full transparency regarding contracts, payments to the employees, social benefits and any other information that is necessary so that the client can be sure that all of his employees are receiving their pay and all of their benefits in accordance with the law.

Through an advanced digital platform, LB-Tech provides direct and immediate contact for its employees with the representatives of the company, which allows problems to be solved in real time, allows the creation of a personal relationship and of high satisfaction among the employees of the company.

As part of our full transparency regarding the work relations of LB-Tech with itscustomers, the customers will be given full access to all the relevant information regarding the employees working for us at every moment.

LB-Tech specializesin supplying employees from the fields of technology and hi-tech and employing themfor the necessary periods of time, depending on the project

Which positions are we recruiting for?

QA Testers

Communication Technicians

System and network Adminitrators

Guidance and system implementation

Technical Support

Computer technician

Our Advantages

  • 32 years of experience in the field of recruitment, placement and employment.
  • A large trained team of coordinators that respond during difficult periods as well
  • We are committed to the quality of the candidates and to a quick and efficient recruitment process.
  • Branches throughout the country which respond to every customer, everywhere in Israel.

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